Week 1:: Studio Husslin

Me and @MajorIsHere [producer] – Majors produced “yeeeahh” and ‘”kooler than a polar bear’s toenails” – watch video here

Me and Mixzo – Mixzo produced Gots to Getit” ft. Bobby Creekwater. Me and Mixzo go way back he’s also done tracks for people like Maxwell, Lil Wayne, & Ludacris.

In the studio wit @waltlive … working on a song for “Indeed’s” project.

Thats me and Big Peezy… checkin out some of his new music in the lab!

Me and Golden Child at Treesound. It was crazy in their… One of the best studios in ATL hands down!

Me and the infamous @EbonyLoveMusic in the yo workin on some of her stuff. She is dope!!!

My homie @Soundzdope had a listening session for KushKloudKlan… so i stopped thru for a second to holla at my folks!


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