Roadtrip:: Scotty goes to Columbus, GA and performs LIVE at the Hip Hop Summit

 This past weekend I went to the Hip Hop Summit in Columbus, GA. I had to speak on the panel about the “music industry and if its crooked” and also perform LIVE at the summit’s showcase as the headliner for the event. I had a chance to kick it wit my home girl @MzBrich from Foxie 105 in Columbus and Sunday night did a LIVE interview with her on Foxie 105. Columbus shows a lotta love, I’m definitely going to be back… I know that they’ve been playing one of my fav records off of #SummerDreams on the radio in Columbus too (“Fade Away”) and that @MzBrich played it that night during the interview. So here are a few pics and a video of me and the homie @iamturtledub performing “Fade Away” LIVE at the Hip Hop Summit.  #summerdreams on the way! #staytuned


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