Next Generation – Music

Check out what my homie Calvin Willis had to say about music and passing the legacy down from the greats…

There has to be a passing down of the legacy that the Dungeon Family and other great artists have to offer. I’m sure that was probably the vision especially when there was a Dungeon Family “2nd generation.” Since that vision may be put on hold for now, my suggestion is possible mentoring by the DF to artists who are out right now in some capacity (if it is not already going on). Kinda like a succession plan within music, because greatness has to be planned for and imparted. All of these younger artists look up to the DF, from T.I. on down to Gucci and Waka.

Also, in order for that to be passed down we have to stop comparing/accusing any artist who chooses to write positive lyrics and be unique in sound/style as “trying to be like Outkast,Goodie/DF.” We ridicule the artists who were mentored/follow the greats, then turn around and say “where are all the greats?” Recall when B.O.B. came out being different.. what did everyone, mainly in Atlanta, begin saying? “Oh he trying to be like Dre.” Well, in any profession, shouldn’t we seek to imitate “the greats?” (of course while maintaing our own personality). The answer is yes…#emphatically.  Have we aborted some of the next generation of excellent artists by lack of support and not seeing their true gift b/c we were so caught up in who we thought they were trying to be like? Right here in Atlanta and abroad, we must stop accusing people of being someone else when all they want to do is be successful as they have learned from their mentor. We know that the DF has mentored many from afar, with myself included. 

There are a few real MC”s and artists on the scene, perhaps not receiving all of the true recognition they deserve but nevertheless, they will rise. For instance, Charley Hustle aka Charlie Skrill and Bobby Creekwater of the group formerly known as Jatis (go see for yourself). Of course B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray, Janelle Monae, Jimi Cravity, Scotty Atl, Blessed Wun, Willie Hen, Chantae Cann and Matthew Johnson are among Atlanta’s rising beacons of light at the end of the tunnel.

– Calvin Willis


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